No More Reading Glasses | How Raindrop Inlay Works

The Raindrop near vision inlay can be a long term solution to presbyopia.  We are very excited to offer this vision enhancing procedure to the Washington, D.C. area.

No more reading glasses!

The Raindrop near vision inlay is tiny transparent insert, called an inlay, which is placed within the layers of the cornea.  The Raindrop inlay is inserted underneath a corneal flap which is very similar to the flap created with Lasik.

Here is how the Raindrop near vision inlay may get rid of your reading glasses (readers)…forever!

Raindrop Inlay | Tiny and Clear

The Raindrop inlay measures about 2mm.  As you see in the images below, the inlay is crystal clear and small enough to fit through the eye of as needle.  Not only is the inlay small, but it is also very, very thin allowing nutrients and oxygen to flow normally through the cornea.

Raindrop Near Vision Inlay Inserted into Cornea | Eye Associates of Washington DC

Raindrop Near Vision Inlay | Correction for Near Vision Loss | Eye Associates of Washington DC

Raindrop Corneal Inlay Small Enough to fit through Eye of Needle | Eye Associates of Washington DC






Raindrop is inserted into just one of your eyes.  The inlay is inserted into the cornea of your non-dominant eye.  The inlay is composed about 80% water and is of the same clarity as your cornea.

Raindrop | Simple Ten Minute Procedure

The procedure to insert the near vision inlay takes about 10 minutes and is performed comfortably in the surgical suite of our Spring Valley office.  Review the videos below to get an understanding of how this technology can reduce or eliminate your near vision loss.

By the way, there is no audio to these videos – no need to check your connections.

After creating a corneal flap, very similar to the Lasik corneal flap, the inlay is placed within the corneal layers causing a very subtle change in the corneal surface.  This “profocal cornea” is created causing a gentle steepening in the central cornea.  This results in a gradient or range of various powers, enhancing your near  vision naturally.

FDA Vision Results

After the Raindrop near vision inlay is inserted, you can expect continued improvement in your near vision for the first week or so.

The results are dramatic.  In the 2 year data supplied to the FDA, patients had the following results;

  • 98% could read a Newspaper (equivalent to 20/40 or better distance vision)
  • 88% could read Fine Print (equivalent to 20/25 or better distance vision)
  • 76% could read EMail (20/25 or better at an intermediate distance)

There was no loss in binocular distance vision.

Ready to give up your readers? 

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