Raindrop | Pre-Operative Consultation

The video (starring Dr. Rose!) demonstrates the usual pre-operative evaluation for patients with near vision loss due to presbyopia and who are considering the Raindrop Near Vision Inlay.  “Tom” plays the part of a patient suffering from presbyopia and also over the age of 41 (as recommended by the FDA).  It is assumed that his distance vision is excellent without glasses.

Pre-Operative Raindrop Evaluation

Just before this stage, your vision has already been assessed by our refractive coordinator, Trish Kolb.  After this surgical consultation with Dr. Rose, you will see Trish again.

Our use of this video is permitted by Revision Optics.

As Dr. Rose demonstrates with “Tom,” a pre-operative Raindrop examination looks for evidence of dry eye or other eye disease, evaluates the thickness of the cornea and assesses the vision of the other eye.  We will also determine your dominant eye.  The Raindrop inlay will be placed in your non-dominant eye.

A contact lens trial involves placing a contact lens in the non-dominant eye, to mimic the effect of Raindrop.  A mono-vision situation is created.

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After your examination, you will then meet with our refractive coordinator, Trish.  At that time, you will be able to select a date for your surgery.  Surgery will take place in our refractive surgical center located at the same location.

Support and follow up includes implementation of “HealthLoop,” our patient reminder and education system to aid with medication and appointment scheduling.  Once surgery is scheduled, you will also be enrolled in HealthLoop.  Your post-operative care and recovery will also be explained to you.

Doctor Whitten operates in 3 office locations including: Richmond, VA, Charlotte Hall, MD and Washington, D.C.

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Eye Associates of Washington DC | Trish Kolb, Shilpa Rose, M.D., Mark Whitten, M.D.Trish Kolb – Refractive/LASIK Coordinator
Shilpa Rose, M.D. – Raindrop Specialist
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