Symfony IOL is FDA-Approved | IOL for Cataract and Presbyopia

logo-tecnis-symfony-largeThe Symfony IOL is here!

The Tecnis Symfony Extended Range of Vision IOL has been FDA approved for the treatment of cataracts. This approval includes a version of the eye implant for patients with astigmatism, the Tecnis Symfony Toric IOL.

The “Symfony” lens can be implanted in certain patients who are candidates for cataract surgery and for certain patients over the age of 40 who have presbyopia.

The Symfony IOL:

  • First and only presbyopia correcting IOL that provides and extended depth of focus
  • Provides extended range of continuous vision
  • Improved image contrast
  • Reduced levels of visual disturbances

We have already started using the Symfony IOL and have had amazing results. This new lens improves distance vision in patients with cataracts and improves near vision in patients with presbyopia. The same IOL can be used in certain patients requiring cataract surgery or clear lens extraction.

You may enjoy watching this video featuring the Symfony IOL.

Symfony Corrects Presbyopia

The Symfony IOL is the first and only presbyopia correcting implant. Compared to the older “monofocal” intraocular lenses (IOLs), the Symfony IOL provides an extended depth of focus producing enhanced near and intermediate vision to reverse the effects of presbyopia.

Advanced optics and proprietary technology of the Symfony IOL also provide an extended range of continuous vision, surpassing the vision experienced with multi-focal implants. In addition, there is much less chance of producing halos and glare.

Sharper, Clearer Vision

The cornea naturally focuses colored light rays differently. This chromatic aberration focuses blue light better than red light. This means that only one wavelength (color) of light can be focused at a time. The out of focus wavelengths cause blurry vision and decreased contrast.

Red light is focused the least. Green light is focused in between red and blue.

The Symfony IOL reverses the natural chromatic aberration, allowing all wavelengths (colors) of light to be focused equally, significantly reducing blurry vision and improving image contrast.

Symfony Toric Extended Range of Vision IOL

This intraocular lens (IOL) contains the same advantages and technology of the Symfony IOL, however, it may be used in patients with certain levels of astigmatism.

For more information, watch this video or visit the Technis website.

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