Treatment for Near Vision Loss Management of Presbyopia

Raindrop Corneal Inlay Treats Near Vision Loss

Raindrop Near Vision Corneal Inlay Treats Near Vision Loss PresbyopiaWelcome to Raindrop!  Whitten Laser Eye and Eye Associates of Washington, DC are excited to bring the latest in refractive technology and experience to Washington, DC.

This should guide you in your understanding of presbyopia (near vision loss) and how the Raindrop Near Vision Inlay improves near and intermediate vision.


We are proud to have performed the first Raindrop Near Vision Inlay in the DC metro area. — The Eye Associates of Washington, D.C.

Learn About RaindropRaindrop Near Vision Inlay | Treatment for Near Vision Loss Presbyopia | Mark Whitten MD | Shilpa Rose MD


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Trish Kolb – Refractive/LASIK Coordinator
Shilpa Rose, M.D. – Raindrop Specialist
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